Self-Destruct-O-Con: the new music video is here

about digital death

Digital Death is an industrial metal project written, recorded, produced, and published by me, Damon Wood. I enjoy creating music and I enjoy sharing it, so i hope you enjoy listening to it. Some of it is brutal, some of it is creepy, some of it is brutal and creepy, and some of it is just trippy. All of it is Digital Death.

I've been recording music in one form or another for most of my life. As a kid, i would make tapes using a regular stereo tape deck, recorded loops on my casio sk1 (often from the tv) and my guitar. I gradually became more and more interested in computer based recording, and by the time the late 1990's rolled around i was writing songs and recording them on my own pc.

These days I have a pretty decent home studio in which i'm constantly working on something, and with the internet, i'm able to publish things as soon as i'm done with it. Which often is very rarely, because i can't stop picking at things. I also have a life, so sometimes my money goes to home improvements rather than more cubase plugins and controllers. But evcentually, i do actually record and publish something.

I've got more music art videos (like the ones here) on YouTube and more music on Spotify, iTunes, and even Amazon. If you're interested in using my music in your project, its all under the Creative Commons license on YouTube. Just give me credit for the music and mention me to anyone you ever talk to. You can also contact me if you need a higher quality version of something or would like me to record something specifically for you.